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Guest Thomas Craig

Generally speaking, there are two types of British actors. You've got your posh, elite-school boys - chaps like Rupert Everett, Orlando Bloom and Damian Lewis, from 'Homeland'. And then you've got your gritty, working-class hard men - blokes like Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, and Thomas Craig.

Growing up in Sheffield, England, Tom was a rabid football supporter at a time when football matches were often a setting for pitched battles between the police and fans like Tom. Tom was actually a plumber before eventually trading his pipe wrench for a compression gauge to play the hot-head mechanic Tommy Harris on 'Coronation Street'.

People still recognize him from his time on Corrie, but Tom's done loads, including an acclaimed film called 'The Navigators' for the controversial and mega-political director ken Loach.

And now, the bloke who once had his own run-in with cops is playing one on the hit CBC show 'Murdoch Mysteries'.

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