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Guest Tegan & Sara

As far as Canadian music goes, Tegan and Sara stand out - for a lot of reasons. For one, they're identical twins. Plus, they have an unbelievably catchy sound - not to mention a whole lot of personality. All that has taken them beyond their indie rock base - right into the mainstream. From late night talk shows, to 'The L Word', to having their music featured on a bunch of TV shows.

So, how did it all start? Well, the twins started playing together in their hometown - Calgary. Only then, they called themselves 'Plunk.' At seventeen, they entered a local music competition - this time as 'Sara and Tegan', and they won, with the highest score in the competition's history!

That led to a spot on Sarah McLaughlin's 'Lilith Fair' music festival, and their first album - the independently released 'Under Feet Like Ours.' Then, in 2000, they caught the Neil Young. Actually, it was Neil Young's manager who signed them to Neil's label, and out came their second CD - 'This Business of Art.'

Ten years later, Tegan and Sara are living at opposite ends of the country, but they're still making music together. Their new album - their sixth - is called 'Sainthood.'

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