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Guest Taylor Branch

Depending on who you ask, Bill Clinton is one of the most loved or most hated presidents America has ever had. On the one hand, he left office more popular than any president since World War Two. And yet, on the other, he was almost thrown out in disgrace.

But he survived, had eight years in the White House, the US economy exploded, his government balanced the budget and actually built up a surplus. Clinton ratified NAFTA, he helped get peace in Northern Ireland, but couldn't get it done in the Middle East.

There were the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, 'Black Hawk down' in Somalia, the genocide in Rwanda, the first World Trade Center bombing and the search for Osama bin Laden. And then, of course, there's the Monica Lewinsky affair. Clinton was actually impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice but was later cleared of all charges.

Now, the Clinton years are on paper. Pulitzer prize winning author and historian Taylor Branch met with Clinton seventy-nine times during his presidency and has put it all together in 'The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History With The President.'

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