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Guest Suzanne Somers

After nearly 40 years in show biz, TV icon Suzanne Somers has become a successful "brand" - heading up a multi-million dollar empire built around diet, health and fitness. Best known as the lovable Chrissy Snow from 'Three's Company', she left the show after 5 seasons over a dispute about money. She went on to do a one woman stage show and win "Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year", make the Thigh Master a household name, star in another sitcom 'Step by Step', co-host 'Candid Camera', and write 20 books (10 of them on the New York Times bestseller list). She's written about subjects ranging from growing up with an alcoholic father... anti-aging... nutrition... and her biggest story yet - surviving cancer.

A breast cancer survivor, Suzanne wrote about her choice to refuse chemotherapy in her book "Knockout'. She's also become a big advocate for the highly controversial use of "natural" hormones to stay young and healthy, despite facing some fierce criticism from the medical establishment. She's back with her 20th book 'Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After 40'.

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