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Guest Susan Cain

Right, take a look around: We live in the age of the Extrovert. The outspoken, like Kevin O'Leary, or the charismatic, like Angelina Jolie (or even just her leg). So where does that leave the Introvert?

So where does that leave the Introvert? People who prefer a quieter, more reflective life? That's the question Susan Cain explores in her book, 'Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking'. Susan's an introvert herself, a former Wall Street lawyer, who tired of always adapting to the extrovert ideal, began to explore the advantages of being quiet and thoughtful, and what she found in her research might surprise you.

At least one-third of us are introverts and there's little choice in the matter - you're born that way. But surprisingly, some of the most profound thinkers and creators of change have been introverts, people like Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, even Steven Spielberg. Studies show introverts can be more effective leaders than extroverts, and are less likely to commit adultery or place risky bets. In fact, the real question is: Why do introverts get such a bad rap? And how can we all get along in an increasingly noisy world?

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