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Guest Stuart McLean

Here's a story about Stuart McLean. Best-selling author, broadcaster, journalist, and, above all, storyteller. A guy who believes that the tiniest moments often contain the biggest truths.

For almost 20 years, Stuart has hosted The Vinyl Café on CBC Radio One. The show revolves around Stuart's fictional family: Dave, Morley, Sam, and Stephanie. Characters that have become very real for millions of fans.

For Stuart, The Vinyl Café is a way to make sense of the world; a place free of cynicism and negativity.

But Stuart isn't naive. He started as a journalist and worked with the legendary CBC broadcaster Peter Gzowski. Yet along the way he made the conscious decision to tell fictional stories, as he does in his new book, a collection of cautionary tales about fear called 'Revenge of the Vinyl Café'.

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