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Guest Steven Bauer

For Steven Bauer there's no escaping 'Scarface'. And that's just fine with Steven, whose first-ever movie role happens to be the one he's best-known for: Al Pacino's pal, and partner in crime Manolo - aka Manny - in Brian De Palma's Miami gangster epic.

Thirty years after its release, 'Scarface' still carries a lot of weight, with new generations turning Pacino's Tony Montana into a pop-culture icon.

As for Steven, he knows those streets well. His family fled to Miami from Cuba after Fidel Castro seized power. And it was there that Steven was cast in 'Que Pasa, USA?', the first-ever bilingual sitcom, about a Cuban-exile family in Miami.

In all, Steven's done more than 150 film and TV shows, some very good, and others, more your straight-to-DVD. His latest falls into the first category: a series called 'Ray Donovan'.

It stars Steven and Liev Schreiber as a professional trouble-shooter who makes problems go away for the rich and famous.

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