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Guest Steve Simmons

Not long ago, Mike Danton - aka, Mike Jefferson - was living his dream: A kid from Brampton, Ontario, who had worked his way to the NHL. But on April 16, 2004, Mike's life fell apart. He was arrested, and eventually, charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The target, investigators believed, was his agent - David Frost. The question was, why?

Mike first met David when he was 10 years old, back when David was coaching minor hockey. David was known as an effective coach, but also controlling, and demanding. At one point, he plead guilty to assaulting one of his players.

Still, Mike would come to see David as a surrogate father. In 2002, he legally changed his last name to Danton, and stopped communicating with his family. At some point, prosecutors argued, Mike's loyalty turned to resentment, to the point where he was willing to pay for a murder. But the strangest twist of all came after his arrest: Despite the fact that Mike had allegedly tried to have David killed, Mike called David from prison and asked him for advice.

In the end, Mike spent more than five years in jail. He was released in 2010, and is playing hockey in Europe. He continues to have a relationship with Frost, while he remains estranged from his parents, and his younger brother, Tom.

Toronto Sun reporter Steve Simmons has written a new book about the Danton story called The Lost Dream. It explores the strange nature of Mike's relationship with Frost, and includes revelations from Tom, who says he's seen the dark side of David Frost first-hand.

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