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Guest Michele Landsberg & Stephen Lewis

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. Simone de Beauvoir and her husband Jean-Paul Sartre. Every once in a while there is a partnership whose power far surpasses that of the individuals involved. Alone they are formidable. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. Enter Michele Landsberg and Stephen Lewis.

Through her writing Michele has chronicled the fight for women's equality in Canada. Stephen Lewis, activist, has tried to change the world for people with HIV/AIDS. Activism has been the foundation for their 49-year marriage - a long run given they'd only known each other 6 weeks before they tied the knot. Neither's parents believe it would last, and their mothers had some strong reactions.

In different ways, they've both struggled for women's equality. They embraced the word feminism at a time when male chauvinism was not only normal, but acceptable. We'll ask them what that was like. And we'll find out how it's possible to sustain a marriage when both partners are fiercely committed to their work. The answer may surprise you.

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