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Guest Stephen Lewis
You know, Stephen Lewis is a man who understands just how cruel this world can be. Yet, in the face of overwhelming problems, he's never given up hope.Now, Stephen has had a pretty incredible career. He started out as a provincial politician and led Ontario's New Democrat party in the 1970s. In 1984, he became Canada's ambassador to the United Nations - turns out, international work was his true calling.In the 90's, he served as Deputy Director for UNICEF, then, returned to the UN in 2001, this time as the special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. After five years of that, he left the UN, but he's kept up the fight against HIV/AIDS through The Stephen Lewis Foundation. His dedication has earned him respect around the world.Now, guys like Stephen are always thinking 'big picture', and HIV/AIDS has had a huge ripple effect. One of the most devastated industries is agriculture. Some regions in Africa lost an entire generation of adult farmers, leaving their children unaware of how to grow and harvest crops. Plus, illness puts a drain family resources, which leaves less money for food, and more potential for malnutrition.In the past, Stephen's worked closely with the UN World Food Programme, arguing that HIV/AIDS and food security are closely related. It's daunting problem, but as always, Stephen believes we can solve it.
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