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Guest Stephen Davis

Roman-style orgies. Bowls of cocaine. Whether or not the stories are true, one thing's for sure: when rock stars threw parties in the '70s, they indulged in more than a few bottles of Moet.

And when those rock stars retire, or die, or just tire themselves out, we're gonna be thankful for Stephen Davis, because he's the guy who was backstage the whole time, furiously writing it all down.

When Led Zeppelin went on their American tour in '75, Stephen went along for the ride. His Zeppelin book 'Hammer of the Gods' may be THE best-known rock & roll biography. He hung out with Bob Marley in Jamaica during the rise of reggae, not to mention Aerosmith and the late Levon Helm. And when Michael Jackson needed a ghostwriter for his memoirs, Stephen got the gig.

Stephen started out as a music journalist in Boston, and wrote for Rolling Stone before becoming America's leading rock biographer. But today, with celebrity gossip being tweeted and blogged every two seconds, is the whole rock-star mystique a thing of the past? We'll find out how that impacts writers like Stephen, who recently took on another challenge: for the first time ever he's written a book about a woman. His new biography is called 'More Room in a Broken Heart: The True Adventures of Carly Simon'.

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