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Guest Sridevi

Okay, what's the biggest film industry in the world today? It's not Hollywood. The honour actually goes to India.

And for the longest time, one of its biggest stars was Sridevi - known as the first female superstar of Indian cinema.

For decades, she was the reigning Queen of Bollywood, shooting a staggering number of films in many different South-Indian languages. Sridevi started acting at age four, and 30 years later she was the highest-paid actress of her time.

But then, things changed: Sridevi fell for the Indian film producer Boney Kapoor (the brother of another big Indian screen star - Anil Kapoor.) And she shocked her fans by choosing to give up acting to stay at home to raise a family.

15 years later, Sridevi's made her long-awaited comeback with a film that premiered here at the Toronto International Film Festival: the charming feature film 'English Vinglish' is all about a traditional mother and wife struggling to find her way in an unfamiliar country.

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