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Guest Spencer West

Stand on your own two feet. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Stand tall. We have lots of expressions that equate independent thought and action with being physically whole. But what about people who are not physically whole? Do we see them as less than people? Spencer West knows a lot about that question, and he's thought long and hard about the answers.

Spencer lost his legs as a child. Doctors said he wouldn't be productive member of society; that he'd never even be able to sit upright. While most folks would've thrown in the towel Spencer seemed relatively undaunted by the tough road ahead. He worked hard to learn how to walk using his hands and became an independent, popular and inspirational member of his school community.

But after university, Spencer hit a wall. He lost his focus and became unsure of himself. Then a lucky opportunity came his way; a trip to Kenya with the Canadian NGO, 'Free the Children'. The trip changed his life, and in turn, he's now changing the lives of others.

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