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Guest Sonja Smits And Eric Peterson

Some things are just better together: hockey and beer; pancakes and maple syrup; Sonja Smits and Eric Peterson. As lawyers Carrie Barr and Leon Robinovitch, they helped 'Street Legal' rule for eight seasons on the CBC, winning numerous Gemini awards and proving to Canadians that our dramas could more than hold their own against U.S. offerings like 'L.A. Law'.

Despite the success, Sonja called it quits early on 'Street Legal'. It would be a couple of years they appeared together again -- and it was in a play, a revival of 'Nothing Sacred', the George F. Walker work about a clash of values in a 19th century Russian family.
And since their 'Street Legal' Days, they've both starred in many other projects: Sonja snagged plum roles in 'Traders' and 'The Eleventh Hour', as well as a turn in 'The Vagina Monologues', while Eric landed on 'This is Wonderland', 'Corner Gas' and led a revival of his play, 'Billy Bishop Goes to War'.

Now they've reunited for the first time in over a decade, for a new play, 'The Test', by Swiss-German playwright Lukäs Barfuss. Sonja and Eric play a married couple with some issues: Eric's a politician questioning the paternity of his son and grandson. It's a tragically dark comedy about identity, family (again) and the limits of trust. You have to wonder if they ever feel the temptation to call each other Carrie and Leon, but also, why are two TV icons turning to theatre? Have they changed - or has television?

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