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Guest Snoop Dogg

What can you say about Snoop Dogg? Hip-hop legend, legendary pothead, and the only guy who could make "fo shizzle" sound remotely cool.

His real name is Calvin Broadus. His mom called him 'Snoopy,' cause she thought he looked a bit like Charlie Brown's dog. As a kid, he sang in the church choir, but soon got into gang life with the Crips, and was in and out of prison on drug charges. From there, came the music.

Snoop teamed up with his pal, Warren Griffin, a.k.a. Warren G., who hooked up Snoop with Dr. Dre - and his career exploded. Snoop worked on Dre's '92 album, 'The Chronic', and became an instant star at Death Row Records. The next year, Dre produced Snoop's debut album 'Doggystyle.' It was a huge hit - selling more than four million copies

Since then, Snoop's been acquitted of murder, put out a slew of hit records, and got into acting. You might have seen him as Huggy Bear in 'Starsky & Hutch'. Along the way, Snoop has softened a lot. He got his own show called 'Father Hood' - about his life as a family man. He also debuted a variety show this year, 'Dogg After Dark', and has a new album, 'Malice in Wonderland.'

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