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Guest Sir Harold Evans

When you're knighted by the Queen, you know you've made your mark. Sir Harold Evans has definitely made one - in journalism and the media world in general.

Evans came up during the glory days of journalism. He started out when he was just sixteen - as a cub reporter for a local paper. Just over twenty years later, he was editor of the venerable Sunday Times. Evans quickly turned the paper into an investigative journalism machine, exposing stories and scandals that were officially denied or ignored.

After fifteen years, he went to The Times of London, but didn't last long. He clashed with the paper's new owner - a guy named Rupert Murdoch - and left. Meanwhile, Evans had married a young reporter named Tina Brown, and together, they took off for New York.

Brown, you may know, became editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. Evans was founding editor of Conde Nast Traveler and then, President of Random House, the book publishing giant.

Along the way, he wrote some books of his own - including the critically acclaimed bestseller 'The American Century.' Now, at eighty-one, Evans has a new book... His autobiography - 'My Paper Chase.'

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