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Guest Sheila Copps

Ask ten different people about Sheila Copps and you may get 10 very different answers. Her friends call her a principled fighter. But her critics, well, they'll say she can be a bit of a big mouth. One thing everyone can agree on is that Sheila Copps doesn't back down from a fight.

She jumped into politics 30 years ago and, whether in Opposition or in Cabinet, has made a career out of keeping government in check. Copps was the first woman to hold the position of Deputy Prime Minister. And spent 10 years in the federal cabinet. Throughout her career she's been in favour and out of favour. She even got into a showdown with her boss, Prime Minister Paul Martin.

But in 2004, she lost the federal seat she'd held for 20 years. It effectively ended her political career. Now, Copps is rolling up her sleeves to enter the fray one more time. Her goal is to save an organization she dearly loves. She's hoping to do that by becoming the next president of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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