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Guest Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Ashmore's developing some serious survival skills in the Canadian film industry. He's dangled from a chairlift in sub zero temperatures, and now he's back fighting for his life in a post-apocalyptic warzone. The film - which played at the Toronto International Film Festival - is called 'The Day', and it explores the unique group dynamics and desperation of the last five remaining survivors.

Shawn chases these types of challenges so that he can keep stretching himself as an actor -- something he's been doing for a long time. He's grown up in front of the camera, landing his first commercials as a kid, appearing in TV series here and there, and even earning himself a Gemini nomination at the age of 14 for his performance in Guitarman.

Now, any teenage boy's got insecurities to navigate. But for Shawn, there was an added challenge - how was he going to forge an identity for himself separate from his identical twin brother, Aaron ... who was also becoming an actor?

But Shawn's journey picked up steam, and soon he was portraying one of our country's best-loved heroes, Terry Fox. And though he loves telling Canadians stories, Shawn's been lured over to Hollywood, too: the X-Men franchise offered him the role of Iceman, which helped to solidify his place in film.

But life isn't all comic book characters for Shawn. He's determined to greet the next stage of his career with grace - and in 'The Day', Shawn plays a young dad for the very first time.

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