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Guest Shannon Moroney

In 2003, high school guidance counsellor Shannon Moroney met her would-be husband, Jason. Jason was the head cook at a community food program in Kingston, where Shannon brought her students to volunteer. On their first date, Jason told Shannon that he had served a 10-year prison sentence and was on life parole for second-degree-murder. When he was 18, he'd beaten his female housemate to death.

Appreciating his honesty and visible remorse, Shannon decided to give Jason, now 33, a second chance. Parole officers and prison psychologists assured her that as heinous as Jason's crime had been, it was an isolated incident, and that Jason was a changed man.

They fell in love and married in 2005.

But a month into their marriage, while Shannon was away at a conference, Jason physically and sexually assaulted two women, and kidnaped them to the home he shared with his wife. He pled guilty on two counts of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated sexual assault, choking, possession of a weapon and two counts of uttering death threats. Jason was named a dangerous offender, and is now serving an indeterminate prison sentence.

Shannon lost her husband and the life she'd known, and became the target of judgment and blame in the community. But despite the pain he caused her, she visited Jason throughout his trial and after their divorce.

Shannon says in the instant she heard the news of Jason's arrest, her life was destroyed. Her book, Through the Glass, offers an intimate account of her path to "be whole again." It also serves hope and solace to the families and loved ones of perpetrators, and describes an inspirational journey to forgiveness.

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