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Guest Shae-Lynn Bourne

If it's winter - heck, even if it's summer - if there's a place that has ice, people in this country are going to skate. It's in our DNA. But when it comes to dancing, we stick to dry land. Well, most of us do, unless you're someone like Shae-Lynn Bourne. She's spent her life dancing on ice - competing against the best in the world.

Born in Chatham, Ontario, Shae-Lynn started skating when she was seven. First, as a pairs skater, then, as an ice dancer - eventually, finding a partner in Victor Kraatz. And together, they danced their way to ten Canadian championships, plus, a world title in 2003 - the first North American dance team to do that.

They also competed in three Olympics - finishing fourth two times, including 1998 at the Nagano Games. Shae-Lynn and Victor skated well enough to win a medal, but didn't make the podium, sparking a major judging controversy.

Now, more than ten years later, Shae-Lynn is skating professionally on tours, and working as a coach and choreographer. And of course, this past fall, she competed the hit CBC show 'Battle of the Blades' - partnering with Claude Lemieux, and finishing second overall.

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