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Guest Seth Godin

What do canoes and marketing have in common?

Seth Godin.

When Seth was 10, he went to Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Park and learned to paddle a canoe by himself.

It was a life-changing moment: the discovery of this idea that he could decide where he wanted to go. And it's been his philosophy ever since, transforming him into a pioneer of Internet marketing, the founder the wickedly successful Squidoo-dot-com and America's go-to business guru. Seth's a writer, too, and his latest books, 'Poke the Box' and 'We Are All Weird', are odes to individuality, taking initiative and making your ideas happen.

Right now, Seth's got some pretty radical ideas about the year ahead. Like how the influence of those real-life Mad Men and Women of advertising is ancient history. And our Industrial Age, where everyone was safe in their job - and retirement - so long as they followed the rules? Over. Thankfully, Seth can help us chart the path of change before we wind up in a race to the bottom.

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