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Guest Samantha Bee

She's The Daily Show's "Most Senior Correspondent," getting big laughs covering nail-biting elections, debating the finer points of Obamacare and calling attention to corporate fraud. Every night, Canadian comedian Samantha Bee — along with her husband, fellow Canuck Jason Jones — deliver razor-sharp political satire to the masses on the show anchored by Jon Stewart. Sam learned her trade in a Toronto sketch troupe, The Atomic Fireballs, and even by a comedian's standards her upbringing in Toronto was what you'd call untamed. She writes about it in great detail in her darkly comic memoir, I Know I Am But what Are You? But it's another book that has brought her back home. Sam will defend Cockroach by Rawi Hage in CBC's Canada Reads competition. And while she's here, she weighs in on a certain news story that's dominated headlines on both sides of the border.

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