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Guest Salman Rushdie

Whatever Valentines' Day might mean to you... it probably means something different to Salman Rushdie.

February 14th, 1989 was the day Salman's entire life was turned on its head: he was 'sentenced to death' by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini.

His crime? 'The Satanic Verses', a novel accused of insulting Islam and disrespecting the prophet Mohammed.

Forced into hiding, Salman chose an alias from the names of two of his favourite writers: Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov... and lived under the threat of murder for almost a decade.

When Iran softened its stance on the fatwa, Salman emerged back into public life: he collaborated with U2, published more books, and moved to America.

This fall he premiered the long-awaited screen adaptation of his epic novel 'Midnight's Children' with Canadian director Deepa Mehta. And now, Salman finally tells the story of his years in hiding in a gripping new memoir called 'Joseph Anton.'

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