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Guest Rufus Wainwright

Talk about having music in your blood. Rufus Wainwright's got it - and then some.

His parents are folk legends Loudon Wainwright the Third and the late Kate McGarrigle. So, it's no surprise Rufus and his sister Martha - an accomplished songwriter in her own right - got an early start.

As kids, they toured with their mom and Aunt Anna - a.k.a. The McGarrigle Sisters. And by fourteen, Rufus had a song in the movie Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller, which led to Genie and Juno nods. After that, he played clubs around Montreal, and in '98, put out his self-titled debut album.

That record prompted Rolling Stone to declare Rufus 'Best New Artist.' But with fame came drugs, and Rufus ended up addicted to crystal meth. Eventually, he kicked it with help from Elton John, who's called Rufus "the greatest songwriter on the planet."

Like Sir Elton, Rufus is known for speaking out about global and sexual politics. He's also dabbled a bit in acting. Case in point: 'The Aviator'. But of course, Rufus is best known for his music. A devout opera lover, he recently composed his first. And he's set to release his sixth studio album: 'All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu.'

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