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Guest Rossif Sutherland

Let's say your dad has two Golden Globes, your mom is an acclaimed actor, and your brother is... well, Jack Bauer. You'd follow in the family footsteps, right? Rossif Sutherland didn't think so. In fact, for the first 20 years of his life he was convinced that acting wasn't for him.

To be fair, he had good reason. In high school Rossif grudgingly took a part in a school play about the Vietnam war. Halfway into the first act, he forgot his lines, and walked off stage. To make matters worse, he'd been playing the part of a wheelchair-bound amputee (sigh).

While pursuing a career in the family business didn't seem like an option, there was plenty that Rossif was good at; he loved music and writing, and studied philosophy at Princeton. At his father's encouragement he took some drama classes on the side, and wouldn't you know - in his early 20s he fell in love with acting.

He's come a long way since the unfortunate high school play incident. He had a recurring role on 'E.R.', and pulled no punches playing a fighter in the bloody-knuckle Canadian flick 'Poor Boy's Game'.

Most recently he's joined the Canadian cop series 'King'; as he continues to carve out an identity for himself, in an industry where his name precedes him.

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