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Guest Rosanne Cash

When your dad's 'The Man in Black', you've got serious music in your blood - and a hell of a tough act to follow. But even though she's Johnny's daughter, Rosanne Cash has a style all her own.

And if you didn't know - she isn't Johnny's daughter with June - Rosanne is from his first marriage. She lived with her mom, after her parents split, and wasn't that close with her dad - in part because of his drug and alcohol problems. But at eighteen, she joined Johnny on tour, and got a bit of an education. Johnny drew up a list for her, of one hundred essential country songs. Remember that for later.

Rosanne went on to record her first album in Germany, and in 1980, busted onto the American scene with the album 'Right or Wrong.' A year later: 'Seven Year Ache.' That record gave her three number-one country singles

But her biggest hitmaker? 1987's 'King's Record Shop.' Rosanne's put out twelve albums in all. Along the way, she's had a cocaine addiction, picked up a Grammy, become an author and sung about the death of her parents.

Oh, and remember that list Johnny gave Rosanne? Well, she sings from it on her latest CD - 'The List.'

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