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Guest Ron James

Ron James has a voice unlike anyone else in comedy.

It's not just what he says, it's the way he says it: Ron is a wizard of wordplay; a master of mirth; and a connoisseur of Canadian culture.

By telling his stories, Ron tells us something about ourselves, from the practical to the profound.

After growing up in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Ron pursued life as an actor, which included a stint at Toronto's famous Second City and few years in Hollywood. But, as Ron would say, he didn't find his 'soul note' until he devoted himself to stand-up comedy, a place where his unique gift for language and storytelling could be fully realized.

Now, Ron has gone from struggling road warrior to something different: an established voice, calling out hypocrisy where he sees it, and focused on living a life of worth.

It's the same magic formula that goes into every episodes of 'The Ron James Show,' now in its fourth season on CBC, a variety show that sees the world from a unique perspective: Ron's.

Check it out Mondays at 8:30pm on CBC.

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