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Guest Ron Fair

If you were to listen to the soundtrack of Ron Fair's life, it would begin with Mozart, and span everything from Miles Davis to Slayer to The Pussycat Dolls.

That's a lot of stylistic ground... but Ron says he can feel and relate to it all. It's one reason why he's such an influential player in the music business. After all, Ron's the guy who discovered Christina Aguilera, brought Snow Patrol to these shores, and introduced Fergie to The Black-Eyed Peas...

He's also the driving force behind some pretty big movie soundtracks: records like Pretty Woman and Reality Bites.

And speaking of reality, Ron's just landed on the new show Cover Me Canada. Each week undiscovered musicians cover classic Canadian songs, and battle it out for a cash prize of a hundred grand... and a record deal.

Ron will be watching and listening, dishing out hard truths from the judges' panel. It's Ron doing what he knows best: being a mentor and laying out what it takes to make it in music.

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