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Guest Robin Sharma

When you think of great leaders, you probably think of someone like Winston Churchill. Or in today's world, you might think Oprah, Bill Gates, or Barack Obama. But if you ask Robin Sharma, everyday people can be leaders, too.

Robin is one of the most successful life coaches-slash-motivational-authors around. He started as a lawyer, but hated it - so he quit, and started writing books. His second was called 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.' He self-published it, caught the eye of a publisher - and bam. Hello, best-selling author!

Not to mention 'leadership consultant extraordinaire.' Robin has clients like General Electric, Nike and Microsoft. Along the way, he's written ten books, his latest called 'The Leader Who Had No Title.' In it, he argues leaders don't have to be famous - they just need to be great people who know how to drive positive change, build strong relationships, and see turbulent times as an opportunity to grow.

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