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Guest Robert Harris

Robert Harris knows a thing or two about fear; not to mention corruption, back-stabbing, paranoia, betrayal, politics, and power. Fortunately he knows how to take those elements and tell a great story.

Robert started his career as a journalist in his native Britain. He covered politics, and got close to some influential people, including an up-and-coming politician named Tony Blair. Years later, when Blair ran for Prime Minister, he gave Robert privileged access to his campaign - a glimpse into what drives people who pursue power.

But as much as he loved journalism, Robert found there were things you can't say in a newspaper. So, he turned to fiction. His first novel was 'Fatherland', a provocative story about what life would be like If the Nazis had won the Second World War. It was a big success, and to date, Robert's written eight books, including 'The Ghost' - later made into a film by Roman Polanski.

Robert's latest book is 'The Fear Index', about a physicist who devises a way to measure and predict human emotion, and uses it to manipulate the financial markets. It's a frightening read, not because it's futuristic and far-fetched , but precisely because, it isn't.

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