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Guest Rob Lowe

In Hollywood terms, Rob Lowe did the impossible: he went from teen idol to public enemy, and found his way back.

In 1983, Rob won a role in 'The Outsiders'. The cast was a Who's-Who of young Hollywood - Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon - and Rob was one of its breakout stars.

Now, for the young and freakishly handsome, fame has its benefits. Money, parties, beautiful women, Rob had it all. But suddenly, in 1989, a sex tape - and the backlash that followed - threatened to destroy his career. But to Rob, it was the best thing that could have happened: It made him realize his life had spiraled out of control, and put him on the path to sobriety.

Still, rebuilding his image would take time. In 1992, he showed he could laugh at himself, with a self-effacing role in 'Wayne's World'. But the real turning point would come later: Rob became a communications director in a fictional White House, walking-and-talking his way through Aaron Sorkin's 'The West Wing'.

These days, it's all about stability for Rob: the hard-partying days are over. There's a new book, and a new movie, which is a Special Presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival, called 'Breakaway'. It's about a Sikh-Canadian hockey team who adopt Rob as their coach. It's Rob speaking from a place of wisdom, something he's achieved in real life.

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