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Guest Right Honourable Jean Chrétien

There have been 22 prime ministers since confederation, but only five can claim to have won three majority governments. Number 20, Jean Chretien, was the last. His was a long road, beginning as a 29-year-old MP, freshly elected in the Quebec riding of St. Maurice. To Pearson and Trudeau, he became Minister of Everything and when Mr. Trudeau stepped down, Mr. Chretien must have felt it was his time. It wasn’t. But the fight was not over and six years later he was leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Three years after that, he was Prime Minister. His time in office will be remembered for deficit fighting and refusing to go to war in Iraq with the Americans. At 70, keeping a promise to his wife Aline, he retired. And while he hasn’t been the most vocal ex-politician in the land, he’s kept his toes in the water. He’s even found time to try kitesurfing.

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