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Guest Rick Springfield

Back in 1981, Rick Springfield had it all. His song 'Jessie's Girl' about one of the all-time classics themes in rock & roll - unrequited love - was a number-one hit, and he was also pulling double duty with a starring role on 'General Hospital.' But Rick wasn't able to fully enjoy his success: A few weeks before 'Jessie's Girl' took off, his father died from cancer. And it wasn't long before the depression that had plagued him since adolescence returned.

Rick had battled 'the darkness', as he calls it, for decades. As a teenager growing up in Australia, he'd even attempted suicide. Today he has an important message for teens feeling trapped the way he did.

But with the help of therapy, Rick battled through the depression and carved out a lasting career. He played a twisted version of himself on 'Californication' and even made a return to 'General Hospital.' And 'Jessie's Girl', the song that won him a Grammy, landed back in the Top 10, courtesy of 'Glee.'

Now Rick himself is back in the spotlight with a memoir that reveals some pretty personal details about his self-doubt, marital infidelities and sex addiction.

Plus, Rick features in a new documentary. 'An Affair of the Heart' is all about the intense and long-lasting relationship between Rick and his devoted fans.

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