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Guest Richard Dawkins And Lawrence Krauss

To some he's a hero: a champion of science and reason on a crusade to tear down the foundations of religious belief:

To others he's a Rottweiler: aggressive, militant and dismissive of questions that many believe exist beyond the realm of natural science.

One thing's for sure: Richard Dawkins doesn't back down from a scrap. In best-selling books like 'The God Delusion', he sets out his often-controversial beliefs:

The Bible is fiction, faith is a virus, and God is as about as real as the tooth fairy.

His arguments against faith, any faith (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Star Wars), derive from Darwin's theory of evolution. Richard himself spent years studying animal behaviour and evolutionary biology.

Now he's teamed up his friend Lawrence Krauss - an award-winning physicist and cosmologist - for a new film that premiered at the Hot Docs festival.

It's called 'The Unbelievers', and it also features some familiar faces, including Woody Allen, Cameron Diaz and Stephen Colbert, from outside the world of science:

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