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Guest Richard Dawkins

Hey, do you believe in God? If you do, get ready to squirm or scream, because your biggest nightmare is here. Richard Dawkins - king of the atheists - the guy they call 'Darwin's Rottweiler.' A quote? "There is no other truth than the scientific truth."

Spoken like a true scientist - which makes sense, because that's what Dawkins is. But do you know how he became one? Believe it or not, at one time, Dawkins did believe in God. He was brought up Anglican, but stopped believing in his mid-teens. Why, you ask? Well, he discovered Charles Darwin and evolution.

Dawkins studied zoology at Oxford and got his PhD. Ten years later, he made a bit of a splash. If you were around in 1976, maybe you remember 'The Selfish Gene?' That was Dawkins' take on Darwin's theory of natural selection. Don't know it? Well, how about 'The God Delusion' - the one where Dawkins says that God almost certainly does not exist, and that people who believe blindly in a supreme being are, well, delusional.

Pretty harsh stuff.

So harsh that Dawkins' friends and literary agent wouldn't let him write it for six years, until atheism had become more mainstream. Now, Dawkins is at it again with a new book, called 'The Greatest Show on Earth.' He takes on creationists and followers of Intelligent Design, and makes, he says, an airtight case that evolution shaped our world.

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