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Guest Rex Murphy

As far as commentators go, they don't really make them like Rex Murphy anymore. He's articulate, well-read, clever, even sarcastic at times. But Rex doesn't just say things to be provocative. He's thoughtful, honest, and is always willing to listen to other opinions.

So, how did he get here? Well, Rex grew up in a small fishing community near St. John's. In school, he skipped a couple of grades, went to Memorial University at 15, and graduated at 19. University is also where Rex first gained national attention. In the mid sixties, Newfoundland Premier Joey Smallwood said his government was giving free tuition to university students. Then, at a conference in Quebec, Rex publicly called out Smallwood, saying he was dictatorial. You see - tuition wasn't really free. The government was actually giving students loans to be paid back when they graduated. Well, Smallwood flipped and publicly told Rex not to come home - which Rex did. And eventually, Smallwood caved - offering free tuition for real.

From there, Rex went to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, and in his early twenties, he got a job in radio, writing daily editorials. Then, he landed at the CBC. Rex started in Newfoundland on the supper hour news, as a political commentator and interviewer, and, eventually, coast to coast, on TV for 'The National', and on radio, as host of 'Cross Country Check Up.' In all, Rex has been at it for 40 years and has become one of the most iconic voices in the country.

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