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Guest Regis Philbin

There's a handful of people in television history who have crossed generational divides. Who have delivered the news, laughter and life lessons for decades... and in the process, have woven themselves into the cultural fabric of our lives.

After a while, it becomes hard for us to imagine them as anything but iconic. But each was young once, and each fought their way to the top.

Regis Philbin fought hard.

Growing up in the Bronx in the thirties, he'd listen to Bing Crosby and dream of being on stage. After a short stint in the Navy he moved to Los Angeles, where he enrolled in the NBC page program. Within a few years he was on air, but spent the next two decades in relative obscurity, hosting local news programs and late-night talk shows.

It wasn't until his mid-50s that he re-launched ABC's morning show and became a household name. His 29-year stint on 'Live! With Regis and Kelly' (formerly Kathi-Lee) ended just a little while ago. But don't jump to any conclusions... this 80-year-old bristles at the idea of retirement, and says he's far from it. We believe him.

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