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Guest Raj Patel

Oscar Wilde once said "Nowadays, people know the price of everything and the value of nothing." Well, Raj Patel is trying to change that.

Born in London, Raj is an academic and activist. At one time, he worked for both the World Bank and the World Trade Organization - but over time, he decided the developed world had an unfair advantage, which forced developing nations to fight an uphill battle for a share of wealth and prosperity. So, he switched sides - to protest against the organizations he once worked for... and get hit with tear gas along the way.

Basically, Raj believes the free market system is flawed and does more harm than good, because it hides the real price of goods to consumers and covers up the damage done environmentally and socially. His goal is to level the playing field, rebalance society and offer a new way of thinking about price and value. He lays out his theory in his new book: 'The Value of Nothing.'

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