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Guest P.K. Subban

Hockey has produced plenty of famous brothers: The Hulls, the Sutters, the Gretzkys (hey, Brent Gretzky played 13 games for the Lightning in the '90s: You make it to the show, you get respect). Now, there could be another family dynasty in the making: The Subbans.

Let's start with P.K., who plays defence for the Habs. For P.K., the dream began as it does with many NHLers: With 'Hockey Night In Canada'. P.K. told his dad, Karl, he wanted to be like the guys on TV. When P.K. was just six, his dad - who emigrated from Jamaica in the '70s - would take him for midnight skates after a long day at work.

As a rookie in 2010, P.K. made a name for himself in a heated playoff battle, and quickly became a favourite of Habs fans. Although, he's got his critics too: some find him a bit too flashy on the ice.

Soon, it's expected P.K. will be joined in the Bigs by his brother Malcolm, currently the top-ranked goalie prospect in North America. And, there's younger brother Jordan, already getting attention from big-league scouts at the age of 17.

Not surprisingly, the Subbans come from a pretty exceptional family: Their dad, Karl, is a middle-school principal, working in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto. It's a neighbourhood with a rough reputation, and a lot of vulnerable kids, but Karl Subban is one of the people making a difference. Following that kind of example, P.K. and his brothers have become role models themselves, knowing fully what it takes to succeed both on the ice and off.

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