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Guest Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory is passionate about history. More specifically, about rescuing women from it.

Until the 1950s, historians were almost always men. As a result, stories of women in, say, 18th-century England have either been largely ignored or grossly misinterpreted. So Philippa set out to research and write about some of history's "forgotten" women, like the Queen of Scots, and Mary Boleyn (you know - 'The Other Boleyn Girl'?).

With a PhD in 18th-century literature, Philippa had her sights set on teaching, but when she found there were no jobs in her field, she wrote her first piece of historical fiction. Much to her surprise it became a best seller... as did the 10 that followed. She has sold about 12 million books worldwide, all of which blend historical fact with entertaining fiction. Her latest, 'The Lady of the River', tells the story of the Duchess of Bedford, during the Wars of the Roses.

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