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Guest Perry Farrell

Ah, Perry Farrell... A music legend... and a daring activist.

Let's start with the music. Farrell hit it big with the band Jane's Addiction. They built up a fan base in the late 80's, with high-energy shows throughout L.A., mixing hard rock, funk, and drugs. They also lead the way for other alternative bands to break into the mainstream.

By 1991, Jane's Addiction was about to break up, but before they did, Perry created a music festival - a highly successful one called 'Lollapalooza.'

After that, Farrell fronted another band - Porno for Pyros - and Jane's Addiction reformed for a brief reunion tour. And Perry put out a solo album inspired by Jewish mysticsm, Kabbalah which was not such a big seller. Oh, and sometimes, he'll spin tunes under the name 'DJ Peretz.'

Now, for the activist part. In 2001, Perry Farrell flew into Sudan to negotiate the release of slaves. A few years later, he helped create Global Cool - an environmental group working to save the planet. And this past January, he met with Tony Blair to talk about climate change. Now, Perry has a new band called Satellite Party, with a CD called 'Ultra Payloaded.'

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