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Guest Paul Teutul Sr.

We all know George loves motorcycles - but for those of us who don't live and breathe 'em, we're going to start with the basics. Like, what exactly is a chopper? Well, it's a specially customized bike. Think 'Easy Rider' and you get the picture. Anyway, these puppies have quite the fan club. And if you're a member, there's a good chance you're into this: the hit TV show 'American Chopper.'

The show centres around 'Orange County Choppers' in New York State, one of the most popular chopper places in America. But it doesn't just appeal to bike types. The show is as much about family drama as it is motorcycles - if not more.

The head of the family is Paul Teutul, a.k.a. Paul Sr. A former metalworker, Paul started building choppers in his basement, and opened Orange County Choppers in 1999, with the help of Paul Jr. Throw in goofy son Mikey, and you've got some great TV.

But really, it's the two Pauls that people want to see. Their fighting is legendary... So bad, in fact, that Paul Sr. fired Jr. on air. And now, they're locked in a lawsuit over the family biz.

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