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Guest Paul Gross

Paul Gross has carved out a niche for himself as a filmmaker dedicated to telling truly Canadian stories.

He did, after all, play a Mountie on the hit show 'Due South'. And he managed to pull off the seemingly impossible - he made curling look exciting in 'Men With Brooms'.

Then, there was 'Passchendaele' - written by, directed by, and starring Paul. It depicted the horror and the heroism of one of Canada's bravest military battles.

That led to his next film - a work-in progress called 'Hyena Road' - about another moment in our common history: the war in Afghanistan.

Now, Paul wants to ensure more Canadians have an outlet to tell their stories. He's behind the push for a new specialty television channel called 'Starlight'.

A space devoted to Canadian movies, and nothing but Canadian movies, 24 hours a day.

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