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Guest Patricia Clarkson

Patricia Clarkson is one of a kind - classy, elegant, sexy, and super-talented. Sort of old school glamour. Not exactly a blockbuster queen... but definitely a scene-stealer.

Patricia grew up in New Orleans. She got her master of fine arts at Yale, did theatre in New York, and at twenty-eight, made her Hollywood debut as Mrs. Elliott Ness - Kevin Costner's wife - in 'The Untouchables.' Patricia played the "wifely" types at first; but by her mid thirties, the roles became more diverse.

From heavy drama to light comedy, Patricia became very much in demand. And her resume is pretty impressive: 'The Green Mile', 'Vicki Christina Barcelona', 'Good Night and Good Luck', 'Far From Heaven', 'The Station Agent', and 'Pieces of April' - which earned Patricia an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress.

Oh, and don't forget her recurring role on 'Six Feet Under.' Two Emmy awards for that, by the way. And if you love 'Saturday Night Live'... You know Patricia from 'Mother Lover.' Now, she has a new film - 'Cairo Time.' It won the Best Canadian Feature award at this year's Toronto Film Festival.

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