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Guest Olympia Dukakis

Moonstruck, directed by Canadian Norman Jewison, was the film that introduced many of us to Olympia Dukakis even though by that point she’d been acting in film and on television for more than 25 years. That movie won Dukakis an Oscar the same year her cousin Michael Dukakis was battling George Bush Sr. for the White House. Michael lost the election, but her Oscar win allowed her to choose her roles – to play strong, resilient characters: The mother of a man dying from HIV/AIDS in The Event, a transsexual landlady in Tales of the City and playing the type of character we rarely see in film – an aging lesbian who leaves the United States to get married in Canada – in a film called Cloudburst Olympia. Now 82 and an outspoken supporter for LGBT rights, Olympia’s still pushing boundaries with her new show. It’s the first original mini-series from OUT TV and the title says it all: Sex & Violence.

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