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Guest Olivia Chow

Tommy Douglas - the greatest Canadian ever, and first leader of the NDP - had a message for the people of his country: 'Dream no little dreams.' Douglas used it as a rallying cry but it was also a way to think about possibilities. 'Dream no little dreams' was also a favourite expression of Jack Layton. And it could be the tag-line for the life of Olivia Chow.

Olivia was Jack's partner in life and his partner in politics. She arrived in Canada from Hong Kong as a young teenager, looking for possibilities. She would go on to become an icon herself -- an icon both loved and often criticized. Olivia first made a name for herself in local politics: she was the first Asian woman elected to Toronto council, where she championed public transit and the rights of the homeless. In 2006, she joined Jack as a member of parliament. When Jack Layton died, she became a symbol of our grief: she was sad and stricken but she remained strong.

Now, Olivia continues the work she shared with Jack: a passion for people and political causes, and a dream for a better Canada.

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