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Guest Norah Jones

Talk about making a splash! Eight years ago, Norah Jones literally busted out of the gates.

Her debut album, 'Come Away With Me,' swept the 2002 Grammy awards. She won five that year - including 'Record of the Year' and 'Best New Artist.' And Norah has kept the hits coming, winning nine Grammys in all - selling more than 35 million records!

But we shouldn't be surprised, really. Norah has music in her blood. Her father is sitar-playing Indian superstar Ravi Shankar, who famously played with The Beatles. But Ravi wasn't really around when Norah was growing up. She lived with her mom - a music promoter with a killer record collection, and Norah ate it up. Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Billie Holiday.

Norah sang in the church choir, took piano, and ended up studying music at university. But she wanted to do the real thing, so she dropped out, and took off to play clubs in New York. Norah was doing a gig the night of her twenty-first birthday, when a record label took notice, and boom... A year later, 'Come Away With Me.'

Two years later, Norah came out with 'Feels Like Home.' That one was an overnight sensation. And Norah's next album, 'Not Too Late', hit number one as well. Now, she's got a new one - 'The Fall.'

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