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Guest Noah Richler

It could be intimidating: being a writer and having a Dad like Mordecai Richler. After all, Mordecai was one of the country's all-time great novelists and gave us one of the country's all-time iconic characters, Duddy Kravitz. But Noah has managed to carve out his own voice. How'd he manage it? To understand that, we need to go back.

Raised in Montreal and London, Noah is one of five kids. When he was 15, he took a summer job in an asbestos mining camp in the Yukon. Listening to the stories of the hard-rock miners he shared quarters with, Noah learned it's better to listen - unless you've got the best story to share. It's a lesson he's carried with him.

He's spent his career telling stories about Canada and what it means to be Canadian. For his first book, 'This is My Country, What's Yours?', Noah traveled coast to coast, to create a cultural portrait of Canada. And, just like his Dad, Noah can be combative. In his new book, 'What We Talk About When We Talk About War', he argues that politicians, the military and the media all used 9/11 - and the campaign in Afghanistan - to transform Canada from a peacekeeping state to a warrior nation. And he raises the question: what does that say about our country and its future?

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