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Guest Nick Hornby

If John Cusack is speaking your words, it's safe to say you've made it as a writer. Like in 'High Fidelity': "Which came first, the music or the misery?" Those, of course, are Nick Hornby's words. And music and misery are two of his favourite things to write about.

Throw in soccer - aka football - and you've got Nick's themes pretty much covered. And Hollywood loves his stuff - turning his books into movies. 'High Fidelity', 'Fever Pitch' - that one was actually made into two films, the British one, and the American one - with baseball instead of soccer. Oh, and don't forget 'About a Boy' - Hugh Grant at his best, hands down. Not bad.

But Nick'll tell you he didn't start out with a lot ambition. Yes, he went to Cambridge and got a degree, but ended up working at a gas station! He only started writing when he was twenty-six, and ended up freelancing for some big-time magazines.

He's also worked as a music critic - first for the Independent in London, then, The New Yorker. But it was his other obsession - the Arsenal football club - that prompted Nick's first book, 'Fever Pitch.' Since then, it's been one hit after another. Nick's latest novel is called 'Juliet, Naked.'

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