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Guest Nick Broomfield

Whatever you think of Nick Broomfield - love him or hate him (and there are those who do) - you can't deny he's got serious cojones. This is the guy who trailed former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, getting snubbed every step of the way. And by making that part of the story, he managed to exposed sides of Thatcher we otherwise might not have seen.

Nick tried to unravel the mystery around who killed Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. He explored the relationship between Courtney Love and late Kurt Cobain. They're all fascinating stories, but to some, Nick's films are too tabloid... and the way he injects himself into them - too showy.

However that didn't stop him from using the same approach in his new film, which played the Toronto International Film Festival. It's called 'Sarah Palin - You Betcha!' His mission? Find the 'real' Sarah Palin. Who is she? What is she really about? What he encounters are people who are either terrified to talk, or people who offer wildly differing realities about one of the most polarizing politicians of our times.

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